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Business Technologist Program: A Strategic Roadmap Blueprint to Business Success


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Business Technologist Success Program for Entrepreneurs, Working Professional & Individual Enthusiastic


下载手机dafabet娱乐场Digital Trainee is India’s Top Rated Institute that offers business training program to help individual to grow their business. To become a successful in business every individual must know how to create effective business model, Revenue model, WH Question who, what, where, when and why document, Market Analysis, SWOT analysis, adoption curve, reason to switch document etc. In this training program you will learn all business strategy that will help to grow and scale your business. We have built frame work and assignment that you have to make for your business.

Following are the important Stages in Business



Mr. Prashant Kadukar, India’s Top Corporate Trainer

下载手机dafabet娱乐场Mr. Prashant Kadukar, who happens to be the Founder & CEO of DigitizeBrand Hub (India) Pvt. Ltd. and Digital Trainee; along with his team of experts, has come up with this unique ‘Business Technologist Success Program for Entrepreneurs’.

下载手机dafabet娱乐场An alumnus of MIT, Mr. Prashant has got a decade long experience in various business areas like Strategic Planning, E-commerce Strategy, Internet Marketing, Strategizing, designing and implementation of Digital Marketing plans and campaigns, to name a few. Not only has he worked with 100+ Domestic and International clients, but also advised various startups on aspects like strategy and growth.

Bringing in all his experience and training expertise together, Mr. Prashant has conceptualized this exclusive business training program to help individuals to establish and grow their business. The latest offering from Digital Trainee, which happens to be amongst the top Digital Marketing training institutes around.

下载手机dafabet娱乐场Mr Prashant’s strong desire to create successful entrepreneurs was the driving force behind the development of this business training program.

Syllabus & Course Structure


syllabus and course structure

Entrepreneurship for Business

Entrepreneurship can be best described as a mind-set that needs to be cultivated within you. That’s what we do! Learn entrepreneurial skills and aspects like smart and out of the box thinking, business financing, management, leadership etc. with the help of case studies. A module that would help you to go on and become a successful entrepreneur.

syllabus and course structure

Startup Plan & Strategy

下载手机dafabet娱乐场The focus here is to take the trainees through a progression of topics related to startup planning & strategy building. These would include things like vision and goal setting, ideation, approach, deployment etc., for your startup launch. It won’t be just about the theoretical knowledge of what to do, but about making you a part of the process of actually doing it.

syllabus and course structure

Master in Planning

下载手机dafabet娱乐场Now become a master in planning by getting trained in the fundamentals of effective business planning. Learn organizing and materializing a business plan taking into consideration various vital factors such as business name creation, people management, marketing and so on. Trainees are given a chance to apply the planning knowledge and skills gained by them. Gain an expertise in planning that yields results.

syllabus and course structure

Leadership Fundamentals

The purpose of this module is to introduce the trainees to the fundamentals of effective leadership. It involves developing the desired skills, knowledge and the right perspective. The module is designed to train you on aspects like how to influence others, motivate them to perform, bring about the results and create trustworthy workplace relationships. Leadership fundamentals you can build upon.

syllabus and course structure

Team Management & People Skills

Acquire all the skills associated with team and people management with the help of this module. It consists of effective communication, objective setting, leadership, motivation, delegation etc. After all, when having a business of your own, team management and people skills form an integral part of your daily job and these would define the success of your business.

syllabus and course structure

Sales Training

下载手机dafabet娱乐场Trainees would benefit from an in-depth knowledge of sales. The focus here is on sales oriented personal development through the techniques and skills specific to creation and exploration of new sales opportunities, along with closing sales for the organization under consideration. In addition, learn sales from the business owner’s perspective as well.

syllabus and course structure

Public Relation

下载手机dafabet娱乐场A module that is specially designed to assist the trainees in comprehending the latest techniques necessary to become successful in this dynamic world of communications. Techniques for developing relationships with target groups and individuals, spreading of positive publicity, distribution and retrieval of information etc. Thus as a part of this course, we have one of the important aspects of business covered.

syllabus and course structure

Marketing Hack

Over here, the trainees will get to learn how to come up with creative solutions for their different marketing requirements. Hone the art of bringing about business growth through the deployment of optimum strategies and techniques. Wannabe entrepreneurs will be introduced to various marketing hacks that would help propel their business in quick time.

syllabus and course structure

Media Planning

With media planning, have a know-how of how to set specific media strategies and objectives as a part of the media plan, so as to achieve the pre-decided business objectives. Gain knowledge about how to formulate a suitable media combination that would permit the effective communication of a message to a huge target audience, and that too at a lower cost.

syllabus and course structure

Business Growth Strategy

No point in just starting a business. Knowing how to grow it, is of prime importance. As a part of this module, you will get an insight into how to come up with a business growth strategy based on the kind of business you are into. These would comprise strategies like expansion, market penetration, service and product expansion, acquisition and diversification etc.

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