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Digital Marketing Course in Udaipur

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About Digital Trainee

As we all are existing in a digital marketing generation and coming up with constant upgradation in the industry, we at Digital Trainee offers the in-house digital marketing course in Udaipur for bigger exposure to knock a placement in a reputed companies, or expand your business at bigger platform. We are glad to share knowledge on, and this is who we are:

50 Modules of Digital Marketing

Job, Freelancing, and Business Learning point of view Training

下载手机dafabet娱乐场 60+ Live Project Assignments

100% Placement Assistance & Preparation ( Resume Building, Mock Interview, Softskill Training )

Top rated Digital Marketing Institute on Google 4.9/5

FREE Domain & Hosting

Student Portal (LMS) For Study Material, Backup Training Videos, Placement, Assignments Etc.

下载手机dafabet娱乐场100% Practical Delivery Method - Focusing On Implementation & Execution

下载手机dafabet娱乐场Table of Content

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Outcomes - Meet Our Successful Alumni

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Practical Digital Marketing Training for Job seekers | Business Owners | Working
Professionals | Entrepreneur | Housewives | Students

Digital Trainee, the Digital Marketing institute in Udaipur,下载手机dafabet娱乐场 is now offering 100% practical oriented Digital Marketing courses in your own city! The training programme is designed keeping in mind the needs of not just Job Seekers, but Professionals and Business owners as well. Specially those in Udaipur. While the course would be beneficial for the Job seekers in getting a job, Professionals would be enriched with an additional skill-set for career development, and business owners can use the knowledge gained for their business growth.

Job Seeker

Digital Marketing Course in Udaipur

Digital Marketing employers are on the look out for specific skills and practical skills from the job applicants. Therefore, on the pretext of the needs of the industry, Digital Trainee, has come up with an exclusive Digital Marketing course in Udaipur,下载手机dafabet娱乐场 that would prepare you for a successful career in this field. A course that would make you industry ready in true sense of the term. Your chance to become a sought after Digital Marketing professional. So, enroll now, and let the recruiters come looking for you!

Working Professionals

Digital Marketing Institute in Udaipur

Attention Working professionals! Here's your chance to take your career places by honing this add-on skill-set in the form of Digital Marketing. Today, there is no profession where Digital Marketing hasn't got a role to play. Therefore, it would always be a wise decision to possess the knowledge and skills of the same. It would definitely prove to be fruitful for the professionals in one way or the other. A career booster for sure.

So, confirm your seat for Digital Trainee's Best Digital Marketing training Institute in Udaipur, and lay the success path for yourself!

Business Owners

Digital Marketing Course in Udaipur

下载手机dafabet娱乐场 Business Owners can now benefit by undergoing this comprehensive Digital Marketing course from Digital Trainee. The course focuses on essentials of Digital Marketing, along with their business applications. Learning and implementing these skills would help the business owners to achieve their goals faster and in a successful manner. In these times, there is no substitute for Digital Marketing, if you want your business to rule online. So, become a master in Digital Marketing, and take your business to the next level!


What You Learn?

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Learn Complete 50 Modules of Digital Marketing (50 Modules)

The Course we have integrated for the aspiring Digital Marketers is a spot on courses inclusive of all the latest concepts of Digital like Read More...
Website Planning and Creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Content Marketing. Our trainers are experienced and professional experts. This forms the most critical aspect of the Digital Marketing training program at Digital Trainee.

Our Digital Marketing course in Udaipur provide you with multifaceted marketing skills. With each of these Digital Marketing concepts covered in detail under this course, it would help trainees master all of them and even go for jobs that require a specialized skill-set e.g. Email Marketing, Google AdSense etc. Read Less...














The Advanced Practical Oriented Digital Marketing Concepts

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What you can do is what matters. So, learn every single module of Digital Marketing, with a practical approach. Only at Digital Trainee, the Digital Marketing institute in Udaipur

Here is a module that will have you started with Digital Marketing. A session that will introduce and answer the when, why's, what's and how's related to Digital Marketing for you. The trainers will give you an overview of the topics that will be covered as a part of this course. It will help you in understanding the scope and importance of Digital Marketing. Also, you will get an idea and an insight into what a career in this field would be like. This particular module can be treated as a course overview. It will set the tone for the subsequent course modules/sessions.

As the name suggests, this module focuses on teaching the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and related concepts. Trainees would get a hold of the search engines, as a gateway to the world of Internet. They will also get to learn the techniques and strategies to have any website ranked amongst the top search engine results. Also, the trainees would get to learn other important SEO concepts like On-Page and Off-Page optimization etc. That too, along with their practical implementation. By the end of this module, trainees would become competent to implement SEO and the associated techniques, to get the desired results.

With the help of this module, the trainees would get an in-depth understanding of the Google Search Console. That includes things like analyzing the performance of new or existing keywords, website registration for the search console, traffic monitoring and enhancing the overall user experience etc. Also, the trainees would be introduced to concepts such as Internal Linking, Accelerated Mobile Pages and so on..This module is specially useful for those who are planning to use the Google Search Console for purposes like SEO and ROI. The practical training provided would help you to make better use of the Google Search Console.

Learn Content Marketing from the experts, and get an insight into how to boost your online marketing results. Trainees will be provided training on developing effective content strategies, and deploying them. How to create content that will attract your target audience, and drive the desired results for your business. Some of the topics covered include ways to market content, keyword research specific to the content ideas, content optimization for the search engines etc. This module covers all the aspects related to Content Marketing, that you need to know. Trainees will likewise get to study content marketing based case studies, for better understanding of the topic.

A dedicated module under Digital Trainee's Digital Marketing training in Udaipur, to transform you into a pro in Local SEO, by the end of it. A module that trains the trainees on how to optimize content, services and products, to make them appear prominently on the online local search listings. Also, learn the methods to increase the local search rankings. Get a hang of submission to Google My Business, SEO ranking signals etc., in a practical manner. So, become a master in a specialized area like Local SEO, and you can even have a successful career in it. It is possible!

Apps have become the 'in thing' today, and app store optimization the need of the hour.The purpose of this module is to teach how to optimize your app, such that it receives both quality and more number of downloads from the popular app marketplaces like the Google Play Store and iOS. Subject expert trainers would be training the trainees in ASO, with the intent to provide practical knowledge and skills to them. By the end of this module, trainees would have learn't the use of localization, keywords etc., for app optimization and listing, to attract more traffic and eventually increase the number of downloads. Your chance to become an expert in ASO.

With website being a necessity for any business to exist online, website planning has become inevitable. The aim over here is to provide training specific to planning, conceptualizing, designing and deploying a website. Trainees can learn about the different kinds of web servers, web hosting, domain name bookin , adding webpage and content etc.Its a good practice to continually keep SEO and related things under consideration, as it defines the online success of your business. Therefore, it is the ideal time to think about Search Engine Optimization when you are creating your site, as it will help save a lot of your valuable time in later stages. That's exactly what the trainees will be learning under this module.

Learn the art of brand promotion via paid advertising through the search engines. Become an expert at it. Trainees will be trained on keyword research tools, setting up a Google account, creating and running a campaign etc. Get acquainted with strategies and methods to enhance performance on the search engine result pages (SERPs). The module is designed in a manner such that both the first timers and the experts can take away something from it. Trainees would be honing sufficient skills and knowledge about Search Engine Marketing (SEM), such that they can opt for a career in this specialized vertical of Digital Marketing.

This module would take into the world of Online Display Advertising. The focus would be on practically teaching creation and implementation of online display campaigns. In addition, trainees will also be introduced to the best practices related to such type of advertising. Trainees will likewise be given pointers on when and how to make use of Online Display Advertising in an effective manner. The module will also help you to understand its role in Digital Marketing, and how it can be included as a part of your overall marketing strategy. Enough to make you a pro in Online Display Advertising.

This particular module will be useful for the trainees to learn and become an expert in the use of a mobile to carry out various marketing endeavours. They will get to know how to use it effectively as a medium of marketing communication. The module will cover areas like strategies for app creation, mobile apps engagement, promotion etc. Mobile marketing has been included in our Digital Marketing course in Udaipursyllabus keeping in mind the fact that this platform simply cannot be ignored these days, and forms an integral part of any marketing strategy. So, learn how to use this powerful medium, to extract the maximum benefit.

Get to know how does the visual content work as far as marketing is concerned. Learn both the basic and advanced concepts related to video marketing, as a part of this module. That includes how to make the optimum use of video marketing as a part of your overall Digital Marketing strategy, to attract, engage and convert your target audience. Trainees will also get an insight into the different video platforms available, and how to make use of them based on your marketing needs. Learn video marketing in a practical manner.

The aim here is to help maximize your video marketing efforts.

Trainees will be taught how to bring about an increase in the ROI and conversion rates, through Remarketing. After all, those visitors who have already visited your site earlier, and are aware of your brand, are the ones in all likelihood, to turn up as your customers. Rather than the new ones. Topics that will be covered include setting up remarketing campaigns, Manual and Dynamic remarketing, conversion tracking implementation and its importance etc. So, master the art to bring back those old customers or the past visitors to your business, by learning the Remarketing and Conversion skills at one of the leading Digital Marketing institute in Udaipur i.e. Digital Trainee.

A module that focuses on training the trainees and making them competent in Social Media Optimization (SMO). Right from the basics to the most advanced topics will be covered under this module. Practical based training is the highlight of Digital Trainee, and SMO is no exception. Get a hands on, on the various effective SMO strategies and techniques for all the popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Become proficient in audience engagement and getting more traffic using Social Media Optimization. By the end of this module, trainees will become ready for a career in Social Media Optimization.

Learn the skills to successfully advertise on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Advertising on such platforms can turn out to be a complex process, and one needs to understand its intricacies. This module does exactly that. It takes you deep into the world of Facebook/Instagram Advertising, and the related concepts. Gain an expertize in creation of Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns that convert. A syllabus that specially suits those who wish to go for Facebook Ads Manager or “Boost Post”. So, learn the a to z of Facebook/Instagram advertising and become a pro at it, with the help of this dedicated module.

Get to know more about Twitter as a Social Media Marketing platform, and how it can be used optimally for marketing and promotional purposes. That comprises of Twitter Marketing techniques and concepts such as bidding strategies, promotion types, advanced audience targeting etc. A syllabus that will show you the way to get more number of retweets and followers on Twitter; whatever may be your objective. In addition to this, trainees will also be introduced to essentials like good practices for Tweeting, professional profile creation, making use of hashtags to expand the reach of your tweets, etc. With this one, consider Twitter Marketing covered.

LinkedIn Marketing deals with the use of this platform to build and enhance your online reputation and get found when someone searches for you. That's exactly what you will get to learn as a part of this module. Get introduced to the fundamentals of LinkedIn with techniques to win over more customers, and how to use the channel for business promotion and growth. LinkedIn has turned out into a platform that simply cannot be sidelined from your marketing strategy. Knowing the intricacies of marketing on LinkedIn can definitely benefit you big time. This module is tailor-made to transform the trainees into expert LinkedIn handlers, as far as marketing is concerned.

A module that is intended to acquaint the trainees with this popular web based marketing tool that provides website traffic specific data. It will help the attendees to understand aspects like analytics settings, account structure, analytics code in website etc. The aim is to make you understand the data and inflow of visitors on your website, and increase its effectiveness. Trainees will also be provided training on how to use the information received from Google Analytics to optimize your marketing initiatives and bring about a rise in the amount of sales or conversions from your website. We cover everything that you need to know about Google Analytics.

A module that focuses on training the trainees in reputation creation, building and sustaining. It's all about online reputation management. Learn how to apply the principles of reputation management for managing online based issues or crisis situations that would hamper the reputation in any manner. Trainees will also get an insight into the role and importance of online reputation management in today's overall business scenario. In addition, things like monitoring of the search results, ORM report generation, tools used for reputation management etc., will also be covered. By the end of this module, you will become an expert in online reputation management.

Get to the core of one of the oldest yet the most powerful forms of online/digital marketing, i.e. Email Marketing. Under this, trainees will be taught how to create effective Email marketing strategies that will aid in bringing the best possible results to the business. The advantage with Email Marketing is that it will facilitate in a higher response rate along with a rise in the average order value in case of e-commerce businesses. This module gives you an opportunity to learn one of the most in-demand skills, as far as Digital Marketing is concerned. So, do not miss this golden chance of learning Email Marketing directly from the experts.

A module that is meant to practically train you on the optimum and effective use of Google AdSense, to bring about the best results for business websites. Over here, trainees will also get an insight into different kinds of ads such as rich media, text only etc. In addition, get to know how to analyze the performance of the ads, once increasing number of followers start to visit any website. Other topics that will be covered include placement targeting, program policies for Google AdSense, code installation etc. Last but not the least, also get to know how to earn money using Google AdSense.

The reason behind introducing this module is to offer quality practical Affiliate Marketing training to the trainees, such that they can go for passive income. Affiliate Marketing has been around from the beginning itself, and despite being a useful technique of marketing, it has remained ignored. This module will teach you the use of affiliate for more business sales and earning money online. That too in a hands on manner. Possessing the knowledge and skills would make it easier for you to integrate Affiliate Marketing as a part of your Digital Marketing strategy. That's exactly what you will hone here, as a part of Digital Trainee's Digital Marketing course in Udaipur..

Learn the art of generating sales for any business via lead generation. Get to know the techniques and strategies to discover and scrutinize leads to extract the maximum out of them, and thus convert maximum prospects into customers. This module takes you through each and every step associated with the lead generation process, with an insight into the related tools and methods for boosting the lead generation process. The trainees would thus be introduced to both the basics and the advanced part of lead generation. The main objective over here is to imbibe and broaden your skill-set, as far as lead generation is concerned.

A module that is specially designed for the individuals who wish to pursue a career in freelancing, post the completion of the Digital Marketing course. Under this, the trainees would be guided on freelancing projects, and related aspects. It would cover all the essential things like how to build an effective portfolio, creation of a dedicated profile for freelancing, strategies to find a project, raising a quotation, convincing the clients, managing and deploying a project etc. Learn the A to Z of freelancing project management, with an opportunity to work on live projects. Your key to taste success in the world of freelancing.

Beginning with the basics of Growth Hacking, this module will take you to the next level of digital analytics skills. That includes analyzing, tracking, and leveraging product usage data and traffic with the help of Google Analytics. Rest of the major topics that will be covered are conversion optimization techniques, customer life cycle and so on. Also, get an insight into the integration of the adaptive and data-driven Growth Hacking culture, so as to bring about an improvement in the Digital Marketing results. So, by the end of this module, trainees will be able to boost their Digital Marketing results using the power of Growth Hacking.

Learn the process of creation of unique and attractive mobile based apps that will not just help achieve both the promotional and marketing goals, but also facilitate business growth. The trainees will be taken through Android app creation without coding. In addition, they will also be trained on the Google play store ranking part. Mobiles have transformed into a vertical that simply cannot be ignored, specially in case of the Digital Marketing domain. So, having the knowledge and skills about mobile app creation and related aspects, would prove to be beneficial for the Digital Marketing career aspirants. The reason for having a dedicated module.

Accelerate your social media endeavours by learning social media automation. The objective of this particular module being providing hands on training on the various social media automation tools, apps and softwares. Be it Buffer, Hootsuite etc. Also, get an insight into what to automate and what not to automate on social media. Having knowledge about automation would help you to gain the maximum out of your social media undertakings in much lesser time. The module will likewise equip the trainees to come up with an optimum automation strategy every time, based on the need. So, here's your chance to become proficient in social media automation.

Over here, the trainees will receive training on how to market using one of the most popular and powerful social communication channels of today i.e. WhatsApp. Knowing marketing through WhatsApp has become essential as this form of marketing has become an integral part of Digital Marketing. With an unmatched reach, WhatsApp proves to be just the right platform to effectively promote and market any kind of products and services. All that is needed is possessing knowledge about the various techniques used and the related skills. That's exactly what the trainees would be gaining here, as a part of Digital Trainee's Digital Marketing training in Udaipur.. Learn how to use WhatsApp, to your fullest marketing advantage. Learn how to use WhatsApp, to your fullest marketing advantage.

From the marketing point of view, YouTube serves to be one of the ideal platforms since more than half of the total marketers present in the world, make use of YouTube as a part of their marketing strategy. One of the prominent avenues to earn online is through YouTube SEO and monetization of ads on the platform. Earning money per view through YouTube AdSense earnings is definitely possible! Get to know how, under this dedicated module. In addition, trainees will be taught tricks, tips and techniques to rank high on a platform like YouTube. By learning all of this, become proficient in earning more and more with the help of YouTube videos.

It involves engagement of the industry based and internal experts through the active networks, so as to reach measurable business goals. The trainees will be introduced to different Influencer Marketing strategies, to equip them to come up with a suitable one, as per the need. Also, they are taught how to handle the challenges while rolling out a particular strategy. The module covers diverse topics such as influencer identification, measuring them and creating a long lasting relationship with the influencer. Last but not the least, in order to provide them with real time knowledge, the trainees are taken through various case studies.

SMS Marketing particularly comes in handy if one is looking to retain the existing customers. That’s because, it aides in sending time-based alerts, offers and updates to the individuals who have subscribed to receive such messages from your business. It serves to be a powerful marketing tool if used in an appropriate manner. The module focuses on taking the trainees through the entire process of SMS Marketing, and introducing them to the various related concepts. Also, get to know about the ways and best practices to maximize your success using SMS marketing. So, undergo this module, and become an expert at SMS Marketing.

The term entrepreneurship involves setting up and driving a business or businesses. Going ahead, an entrepreneur is an individual who develops a business model, at times right from scratch, or by taking over an organization to help it grow. Entrepreneurship development includes honing and grooming the entrepreneurial skills. Digital Marketing is a channel that helps you in becoming aware about the importance of putting real entrepreneurship into the business, to facilitate the growth of your brand. A perfect blend of entrepreneurial and Digital Marketing skills is achieved as a part of this course, so as to imbibe in you, the seeds of entrepreneurship and practical knowledge of Digital Marketing.

Skills management comprises of comprehending, development and deployment of the right talent and their skills. Optimum skills management involves identification of the correct skill set which a particular job role demands, the corresponding skill-set of individual employees, and bridging of the gap if any, between the two. Individuals who expertise in management and people skills, are always in great demand, and valuable to any organization. Having such professionals on board means half the job done.We feel glad to inform that our staff members not only possess excellent management skills, but they very well understand the importance of bring them into practice. So, this module brings a lot to those who aspire to master management and people skills.

The purpose of this specially designed Leadership Fundamentals module from Digital Trainee, a leading Digital Marketing institute in Udaipur is to enlighten the trainees with the term and concept of leadership. Along with the Digital Marketing knowledge, help them grab and hone the leadership and related skills such that going ahead, they lead an effective team and progress ahead successfully. Team Digital Trainee strongly believes and preaches a leadership work culture. That’s because we are of the opinion that the leadership quality imbibes research orientation and practical skills which enhance the ability of a person or an organization to either “lead” or provide guidance to rest of the individuals, teams or even organizations.

Nothing fruitful happens without planning. It becomes difficult moving forward, without a proper plan. An effective and a quality master plan is the only thing that would take each of your ambition closer to your goal. No wonder Digital Marketing is all about strategy building, developing master plans for analyzing the online presence. Our team of skilled professors at Digital Trainee provide more attention on master planning which helps in the successful management of online presence with a higher engagement rate on the portals. So, learn the art of proper planning under this module; the key to becoming a successful Digital Marketer.

Regardless of what amount you spend on your Digital Marketing endeavours, it would all go down the drain unless you build public relations. Digital marketing revolves around knowing your audience, and having them to visit your portal. Public relations can be considered to be a vital aspect not just to have, but sustain your business on almost every social networking platform out there. The scope of public relations can extend to an individual or an organization having an exposure to their target audiences with the help of topics of public interest and news items that do not demand direct payment. Get an insight into public relations from the Digital Marketing perspective, under this module.

If one considers a strategic arrange, then it can be explained as the massive image and a long-run futuristic focus of an organization. In case of big established firms, it implies an outlook for a duration of 3–5-years. Whereas, in case of startups, the outlook might be shortened to 2-3 years. Thanks to the fast-moving and speedier nature of the area. The arrange serves to be an encompassing reflection of your organization. It defines the market, your company, objectives, competitors etc., as the strategy and plan of action approach for reaching those objectives. A useful thing to learn, for all those who are looking to own a startup.

Sales training is the oxygen for any sales person out there, and an sales essential. Being prepared is vital for sales success. Once any salesperson stands before a potential client, being prepared with product information, evaluation and a presentation will make all the difference as far as cracking the deal under question goes. We at Digital Trainee have a full-fledged and an experienced sales expert who gives effective sales training with a practical approach, to transform your business with maximum client approach. Trainees will also be taught talking etiquettes, and the techniques to pitch your plan. With this, you can become a pro at sales.

Amongst the most challenging and difficult aspects of any manager's job profile is people management. The scope of people management extends to: hiring, compensation, organization development, performance management, safety, benefits, wellness, employee motivation, administration, communication and training. Once you learn this art, other things automatically fall in place and become easy. We at Digital Trainee, ensure that our trainees master the most vital skill desired to run a business successfully; and that is people management. The more skilled and passionate your workforce is, better the chances of your business continuing to run successfully. That being the primary reason to have included this dedicated module in the course syllabus.

What can be called an integral part of the Digital Marketing, media planning is deciding and laying down as to when, where, and how frequently the advertisements will be run, so as to get maximum ROI and engagements. The role of media planning is to provide clarity and help the marketers come up with an optimum combination of media platforms and its usage, so as to achieve the desired objectives. Under this module, the trainees will get to learn everything about media planning; and especially from the Digital Marketing perspective. It would not just help you in obtaining the desired results, but also boost them.

Personal branding is primarily a widely used technique of creating a particular perception or image in the minds of people about a particular person, group, or organization. Personal branding usually involves associating one's name to different products. Personal branding is the practice of promoting self or the other individuals and their careers as brands. Branding being an integral part of Digital Marketing, personal branding happens to be a popular method of brand building. Over here, trainees will be taught various associated techniques, to enable them come up with effective personal branding campaigns using Digital Marketing, based on the requirements. So, here’s your chance to become an expert at this!

Graphic designing using Canva is considered to be one of the easiest and quickest methods for the creation of infographics. It basically facilitates good communication and problem- solving with the help of mediums like photography, typography and illustration. Therefore, it can be said that possessing the knowledge of the basics and advanced levels of Canva, would help you to have a high utility tool at your disposal. Richer infographics assured! The team of creative graphic designers at Digital Trainee are always more than glad to train the students in Canva under its Digital Marketing course in Udaipur, and help them to design effective infographics for the promotion of products to the target audience.

Viral marketing or in other words viral advertising is nothing but a business strategy that makes use of the existing social networks, for the marketing of a product. As the name suggests, it is a technique that involves shoppers spreading information about a particular product with rest of the people in their social networking circle. Similar to the manner in which a virus spreads from one individual to the other. As a part of this module, the trainees will be taught as to how viral marketing is carried out in an effective manner, to gain the maximum out of the brand you are endorsing, by increasing the reach.

Why Learn Digital Marketing ?

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Some important facts about Digital Marketing

internet users


下载手机dafabet娱乐场Billion of Internet Users

social media users


下载手机dafabet娱乐场Billion of Social Media Users



下载手机dafabet娱乐场Jobs Available In India

Money spent


Billion $ Spent On Digital Ads

Why Digital Trainee is Best in The Industry

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下载手机dafabet娱乐场 To be there amongst the quality, one has to assume and act exclusively than others. "THINK OUT OF THE BOX" is what everyone needs to be! Digital Trainee does precisely that and strives to offer one of the excellent Digital Marketing Trainig Institute in Pune.

Get Domain and Hosting Totally Free!

All the trainees are assigned a dedicated hosting and domain, totally free for a duration of one year!

Now Have Your Own Website

Become the owner of your own website by developing it using one of the latest technologies in WordPress.

Individual Attention

Personal attention is provided towards each candidate at Digital Trainee, thus ensuring interactive and effective learning.

Course Syllabus

A comprehensive course that includes the entire 30 modules along with the 12 sub-modules of Digital Marketing.

下载手机dafabet娱乐场Method of Training Delivery

The focus is on offering 100% practical and industry oriented Digital Marketing course in Udaipur.

Limited Students in Batch

Each batch consists of a maximum of 15 students, so that trainers can pay personal attention to each and every trainee.

下载手机dafabet娱乐场Google Webmaster Access

Similar to Google Analytics, get access to live account of Google Webmaster as well.

下载手机dafabet娱乐场Experienced and Expert Faculty

At Digital Trainee, trainees have the privilege to learn from faculties having more than 7 years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing.

下载手机dafabet娱乐场Live money for Ad campaigns

Learn how to set up ad campaigns by spending real money!

下载手机dafabet娱乐场Exclusive access to Google Analytics

Trainees are provided exclusive access to live account of Google Analytics.

Uninterrupted Access To Google Search Console

Just like Google Analytics, also benefit from access to live account of Google Webmaster.

下载手机dafabet娱乐场Latest Tools

Get to learn more than 50 popular and latest tools that would help you to carry out your Digital Marketing endeavours effectively, and in an automated manner.


17+ International Certifications to make you stand out as you set out for a career in Digital Marketing.A proof of your level of expertize.


Gain the much desired experience, with three months of guaranteed internship at Digital Trainee. Remove that fresher tag.


Our experts advice on important aspects like business strategy etc., to facilitate the growth of your business.

Course Fees

Digital Trainee is known to offer the best and competitive course fees in the market.

Preparation for Interviews

It covers resume building and enhancement, mock aptitude tests, mock interviews and all that is necessary to prepare you for the interviews.


Freelancing project guidance that will help you to take up a career in freelance Digital Marketing going ahead.

下载手机dafabet娱乐场Perpetual Learning

At Digital Trainee, trainees benefit from a perpetual learning support, that permits lifetime learning.

Access to Online Training

Now learn at a time convenient to you, from a place of your choice. Anytime, anyplace learning is now possible!

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities, Eligibility,
Industry Sector, Job Available in Cities

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Digital Marketing Eligibility

Digital Marketing Eligibility

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Job Industry

Job Industry

Job Available In Cities

Job Available In Cities

Meet Our Digital Marketing Trainers

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Digital Trainee Trainer - PRASHANT KADUKAR


Founder & CEO / Trainer

"An alumnus of MIT, Mr. Prashant Kadukar is vastly experienced (9 years) in regions like Strategic Planning, Internet Marketing / Display Advertising, E-trade Strategy, Search Engine / Social Media Marketing, Conversion Optimization, and Product Development. Strategizing, designing and implementation of Digital Marketing plans and campaigns is his uniqueness. Along with presenting Digital Marketing services, Mr.Mustafa has been conducting Digital Marketing Training programs. Numerous aspirants have benefited by way of education under him. He has performed the position of a mentor, in shaping their careers."

Digital Trainee Trainer - SHRUTI NARDE


Manager / Trainer

"Ms. Shruti occurs to be a Digital Marketing Manager & Trainer at one of the pinnacle Digital Marketing Institute In Pune, Digital Trainee. She is a qualified Computer Engineer. She commenced her career in Digital Marketing in 2012, while she did freelancing work at some stage in her college days. Her achievements consist of managing 100+ customers along with training greater than 700 trainees. She is passionate about gaining information and seeing Digital Trainee remodel into no longer just the No. 1 Most Trusted & Recommended Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune, however India."

Digital Trainee Trainer - RAHUL CHAVAN



"Mr. Rahul holds a graduate diploma in Computer Science & Engineering from the Govt. College of Engineering Chandrapur. He also occurs to be a Google Ads & Bing Certified Professional. With revel in of over 6 years in Display Advertising / Internet Marketing / Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Strategic Planning, Conversion Optimization, E-commerce Strategy, and Product Development, he has consulted diverse startups on aspects like Strategy and Growth. Besides he has been related to 100+ Domestic and International Clients. 500+ trainees have skilled below him in Digital Marketing."

Digital Trainee Trainer - SWAPNIL MAJGAONKAR



"Mr. Swapnil is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with an M.Tech diploma in Mechanical Design to his credit score.In the past few years, he has held positions like Digital Marketing manager and head in quite a few groups. Likewise, he has additionally served as a Digital Marketing consultant for several corporations, to help them in sales increase, within the shortest feasible length. With a dream to create true Digital Indians, he has been coaching the pleasant practices and offering practical know-how won via him being a part of some of the initiatives in his profession, to the scholars"

Digital Trainee Milestones

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Trained Candidates


下载手机dafabet娱乐场We feel proud to announce that we have till now skilled 3500+ trainees. Our objective is to continually improve and upgrade the standard of our training so that more and more students benefit from it.



We have behind us, the experience of conducting more than 175 batches. That speaks about our success, and the huge response we have received.



A rating of 4.9 out of 5 from our Digital Marketing trainees is proof of the quality training we offer to them, and their level of satisfaction. We would like to thank the trainees for extending their love and support.

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下载手机dafabet娱乐场Active in the industry since 2016, Digital Trainee has a team of in-house trainers, having an experience of 7+ years in the Digital Marketing industry.

50+ Advanced Digital Marketing Tools

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There is no such study without any practical experiences.We being India’s 1st Practical Digital Marketing Institute, strongly believe in providing 100% practical oriented digital marketing course with an effective designed plan by our skilled in-house professors.

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Rating: 4.79/5

Total Ratings: 624

Our Happy Students

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Digital Trainee has effectively trained over 3500+ Candidates in Digital Marketing. Right Now they all are working with big Digital marketing companies in India.